Sunday, 7 February 2016

Near Midnight

The Midnight Hour Approaches

Synopsis: As the clock nears midnight, you are encouraged to join us on a journey into a world inhabited by strange creatures, frightening coincidences, and supernatural powers beyond human comprehension. Struggle all you wish, for time marches on mercilessly, and the seconds extinguish like a flame in a torrid wind, for the clock hands close in on their destination, as do you, dear listener.

Prepare for nightmarish deeds and malevolent forces, for it is now Near Midnight!

What is it?

Near Midnight is an anthology radio series inspired by classic old time radio horror shows including Nightfall, Suspense, and Quiet Please. Each episode is roughly 12 minutes long, and is written and produced by horror author Michael Whitehouse for Ghastly Tales Productions.

Who is Involved?

Some of the horror community's most talented narrators and voice actors, with specific announcements forthcoming.

Confirmed Cast:

David Cummings
Jeff Clement
Martin Yates
Michael Whitehouse
Otis Jiry
Whitney Walker

How Much Will it Cost?

Nothing! It's completely free and will be downloadable via The Ghastly Tales Horror Show through Libsyn, iTunes and other  podcast providers. It will also be made available on the Ghastly Tales Youtube channel.

When Will It Be Released?

TBA - The first series of episodes are due in April, 2017. There will be an initial 6 episode run produced, with a second run of 6 episodes appearing later in the year.

What Sort of Stories Will We Hear?

Here is a brief synopsis of the first three episodes:
  1. Episode #1 - The Fog of Despair: Three passengers wake up on a bus travelling down an empty country road. With no memory of how they got there, the bus is slowly enveloped by a thick sinister mist...
  2. Episode #2 - Inherit the Earth: After his estranged uncle passes away, Max is sent a curious box by his uncle's lawyer. In it, is a handful of dust, with explicit instructions for Max to add some soil from his Uncle's graveside to the mix...
  3. Episode #3 - Through a Window, Darkly: An old man reminisces about a night from his youth, when a malevolent force took his beloved from him...
  4. Episode #4 - TBA
  5. Episode #5 - TBA
  6. Episode #6 - TBA

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